Baby girl born from 26th ET with immune support

It's a girl birth announcement

Congratulations are in store to celebrate the arrival of a long awaited and much hoped for baby girl!!

A couple seeking help after many unsuccessful embryo transfers (ET) received immune support from Dr. Dimitri at Life Clinic during a further ET and pregnancy and have just welcomed a new addition to their family! Their baby girl arrived happy and healthy earlier this month (October 2023). CONGRATULATIONS!

The wait is finally over! A couple who experienced 25 failed embryo transfers turned to Dr. Dimitri at Life Clinic for his specialist help. Following a consultation and some investigations, Dr. Dimitri advised that their next embryo transfer and pregnancy should be supported with immune treatment and monitoring.
The couple went ahead with their 26th embryo transfer but this time with the immune support from Dr Dimitri throughout the entire pregnancy.  Their long-awaited little girl has just been born (at the time of writing, October 2023).


It's a girl!

From: [LC Patients] Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2023 Subject: Weekly update 2023-10-03

Hello Dr Dimitri,

This little girl was born on 2 October! This is the result of the 26th embryo transfer with your support!

We can't thank you and Life Clinic enough. You guys are amazing! We give Nobel prize to Dr Dimitri 🏅

Best regards
[Life Clinic Patient]

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“Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl! She’s simply perfect! At last, your wishes have come true. May she be blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity in her life. We wish you and your family all the best for the magical journey ahead. Warmest regards, Dr. Dimitri (Life Clinic, Athens)

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